All That You Need to Know About Forex Bonus

All That You Need to Know About Forex Bonus

The aspect of bonus is quite common for Forex traders, and they look forward to the same from their brokers. This incentive tends to promote and encourage more number of people to enter the Forex market. With few comparisons rolling between the Forex and Stock market, certain people get convinced about the former. Since that is quite evident, we decided to shed more light on the aspect that everyone wants to know about. Hence, here’s all that one should know about Forex bonus.


The Types


When it comes to these incentives, you must know that there are types. Yes, brokers offer these bonuses based on certain conditions and they come off as different types.


1. Welcome Bonus


The Welcome Bonus is the most common type of bonus offered by different kinds of brokers. This is also visible when you shift between markets since the purpose and meaning are not alien to anyone. For the Forex market, these bonuses last between $200 – $10,000 and are offered as a form of free gift. In case these figures don’t match, you can also witness the rates to a range between 10-100%. Anyone who is new to the Forex market can receive this bonus and get motivated to stick with a particular broker.


2. Loyalty Bonus


The Loyalty Bonus is the second type of bonus that we will be talking about. It is offered to all existing customers as a move to make an additional deposit. They are usually 10% and exceptions can be made in certain situations. These bonuses are always given out, and brokers never forget to do so. Their main aim seems to be the satisfaction of clients and will go to any extent to make that point.

deposit of funds

3. No Deposit Bonus


Among all types of bonuses, the no deposit bonus is the most sought after one. It tends to immensely benefit the customers and help them receive an amount. These are offered to not existing clients in order to open a real trading account without any deposit of funds. Due to all that, people tend to conduct a lot of research to take down the best no deposit bonuses in the market. Traders usually get between $5 – $50 with visible exceptions. Since it also minimises the occurrence of the risk, there are no substantial reasons preventing you from opting for this bonus. Since finding out the best bonuses in town is a time-consuming process, we have done all the research you need in this front. Hence, go ahead and look into some of the best no deposit bonuses available in the Forex market.


All That You Need to Know About Forex Bonus

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