ReignFC and Manon Melis

A Seattle Reign FC forward player and a Former Netherlands International Player, Manon Melis have announced her retirement. As she retired, she was seen helping the Netherlands to their first-ever World Cup in the year 2015. Manon Melis is known to have an all-time leading scorer in the Netherlands National team. Her retirement can as a shock to a lot of people as it was unexpected.

Melis spends most of her time as the forward in the Swedish Damallscenskan, with them she played for LdB FC Malmo, Linkopings FC and Kopparbergs FC. During her 2010 and 2011 seasons with them, she was known as the league top soccer player. She later appeared in 16 matches of the Reign FC where she started at 15 and pushed her way to the top. She later missed just by four matched due to the fractures left tibia.

After her injuries, she returned and gained seven goals which can allow one to get the right point scoring in five straight matches. She also earned the title of the NWSL Player of the week which honoured here performance. Since then she has proven to be one of the best members of the Reign FC team.

Melis retired from the international soccer game earlier in this year after the team failed to qualify for the 2016 Summer Olympics after a 12-year career in the National team. Melis was one of the first as she earned her team their first-ever world cup appearance in the year 2015. She is also known to be an all-time leading scorer for the Netherland women’s national team with 132 caps and 55 goals.

After playing for Reign FC, she was thrilled to be playing in the US, which was one of the best experience. She said that ‘all the teams in NWSL are all good as they have their very own straights and weaknesses. Every game played with them was equal, and no game was easy to win. There are many times where I lost in the hands of a good player’. In her last game, she led the Reign FC for the seasons’ seventh win and named their clubs the Golden Winner for the seasons.

During her final professional season, she provided two assists where she said she got to stay away from home for ten years. She ended it all by saying, ‘I feel ready for new steps in my life’.

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