Megan Rapinoe of Reign FC

Before their match with the Chicago Red Star, Megan Rapinoe of Reign FC decided to Kneel in support of San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Clin Kaepernick during the playing of the national anthem. This act received the same backlash for taking a similar stance. This move, in her words, was said to be ‘very intentional’.

This move by Megan was offensive to some as they believe that it is disrespecting the Nations Public Figures, who sacrificed their lives for the honour of the county. Also, to many, it was a disrespect to the people who were serving in the armed forces. On the other hand, Megan’s decision of kneeling, according to us, is to empower her beliefs and her way of acting on them.

Although, we are still encouraging the Reign FC players to participate in the ceremony which honours those who served and sacrificed for us. We will always continue to pay our respects to the players who participate in the matches with their personal beliefs. This reflects the rights and respect, which is earned by the people who are fighting for the nation.

Megan is trying to reflect on her efforts which have made a positive impact on the country. This action of her has sparked a positive response where the whole country is talking about the ways they can pay their respects. This gesture helped ensure that individuals can show their beliefs for the people, and the people who are fighting for the nation.

With the support that Megan is receiving, one can safely say that her efforts have made a positive impact on the country. This has encouraged people to start a conversation and has provoked the need for discussion of an issue, which has helped us reflect on the value of the organisation we serve.

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