Reign FC and the Orlando Pride

A match at Cheney Stadium between Reign FC and the Orlando Pride kicked off on April 21. This week proved to be a tough match for the Pride, where they fell 5-0 with North Carolina Courage. Reign FC, with the help of their coach, tried to put up a good performance.


This offseason, Orlando proved to be weak as their overall performance seems to flop. One of the most significant cause for this failure is their manager which was replaced from Marc Skinner to Tom Sermanni. Although with the addition of Alanna Kennedy and Shelina Zadorsky, they have established a strong defence. Even with a strong defence, they are left with one vulnerability which without a definite attack.


Orland has some of the most historic production from Brazils Marta and Alex Morgan, who is an unstoppable pair in the second half of the 2017 NWSL season. With the help of the attacking talent Chioma Ubagagu and Rachel Hill, they were able to establish themselves a good field, faced with quite smaller challenges. One significant reason for this is said to be the lack of midfield core with NWSL opponents.


Both the Portland and North Carolina were able to pressure the Orlando into playing their way bad into the field. The Pride were not able to find the right space which opened up their space for defenders. Reign FC is another team who can easily get the chance at winning with the right ball. Due to the struggle in the midfield, the Pride struggled the most. There are ceratin players that the opponents might have to keep an eye out for-


Alex Morgan: Alex Morgan has expanded her game and is increasingly becoming difficult with the ball. She is seen to have gained a lot of speed, strength and goals, which can lead to a dangerous time with her. She was also not seen linking with Marta, but the match looks quite promising with her.


Emily Van Egmond: She is one of Australia’s Most significant midfield player who has shown here authority in the filed. She although, is still playing it safe there is a chance that she can step up to help improve the whole team around her.


Chi Ubogagu: Chi Ubogagu is dynamic with a bomb and can easily have a tight nit space which will allow her to have the right skills. She has the speed and accuracy to challenges and defence. Her versatility can lead the team into the top spot.

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