Which Cryptocurrencies are the Best to Trade for Beginners?

Cryptocurrency are the best to trade for beginners

Understanding the procedures of managing the trade is most imperative in the process of familiarizing with cryptocurrency. Of all the factors linked to crypto, trading stands out as important because of its intricacy. Beginners will always find it difficult to fall into the pattern of the working of digital currency, which makes it essential for them to be aware of at least the fundamentals. Being aware of all strategies to tackle issues at hand is the ideal way of dealing with the digital age.


It would be quite difficult for you to decide which cryptocurrency to invest in and which not to. A multitude of options are available for the users to choose from, but they have to first narrow down to the best cryptocurrency in the market. A considerable amount of research is highly essential before stepping into the field of cryptocurrency trading, about which platforms are best and the status of every currency. Keep yourself updated with every coin’s rise and fall, which will help you in getting closer to the expert level. To begin with, let us have a look at the best currencies to trade.


1. Bitcoin

Being a pioneer in the cryptocurrency industry, Bitcoin has always remained to be the most popular one. As volatile, the whole concept of digital currency is, so is the case with Bitcoin. Over the past decade, it was Bitcoin that witnessed immense growth and drastic downfalls as well. But BTC has kept the top position with its popularity that never ceases. Although the currency has witnessed a fluctuating past, the coin still is considered to be the best option to start investing. With the current crises running, it would be rather hard for any cryptocurrency to find its place in the market and grow consequently. Despite such a track record, most of the experts recommend Bitcoin for the beginners to start trading since they believe the coin to have a better future.


2. Ethereum

With about $231.3397 being the trading value, Ethereum stands to be the second-largest cryptocurrency. In 5-year speculation made by the experts, it appears that Ethereum has a prosperous future with the price supposedly growing to almost $3850. Most commonly known for the coin that initiated the technology of smart contracts, Ethereum aims at becoming the best on the list. With the current technology that eliminates all forms of unnecessary third parties, there is a scope for the rocketing in the number of users. Almost all exchanges promote the Ethereum tokens, which can be stored on wallets that are supported on every device.


3. Ripple


The third-largest cryptocurrency, Ripple is a network which has been developed for fast international transactions and low commission currency exchange. It consists of institutional payment providers, all of which connected by the patented technology of Ripple Protocol Consensus Algorithm (RCPA). The XRP token’s value witnesses a gradual rise these days with about 1.46% growth. The trading price of Ripple stands at about $0.2263, making it suitable for the beginners to make their first scratch.

Which Cryptocurrencies are the Best to Trade for Beginners?

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