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Tips to Avoid Forex Trading Scams

If there’s one thing that investors are not happy to face, then it has to be trading scams. These aspects come in various forms and ruin the entire picture of profits and volatility. A platform that has witnessed this has to be Forex trading since many individuals have complained about the same over the past couple of years. But we can face this challenge and come out victorious through different means. The best way to do so is by following a bunch of calculated tips. These points hint at a solution for the matter by avoiding different forms of scams. Hence, to shed more light on the same, here are some tips to avoid Forex trading scams.

Forex trading scam

1. Dishonest Brokers


Coming in contact with dishonest brokers is something that a lot of people have faced over the years. These brokers or individuals come out with promises that play no role when being compared to truth and reality. When an investor falls for their antics, he/she will also move ahead to lose a ton of money. So the importance of avoiding these brokers holds prime importance. So how exactly do we achieve that?


  1. Higher Power- the best way to land yourself with a good broker is to look into the aspect of whether or not they are being regulated by a higher power. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) are few of the organisations that can help you out in this regard. If you understand that your broker is being regulated by these organisations, then you are good to go.


2. Fake Forex Investment Management Funds


Different types of Forex management funds have played a key role in taking away money from the hands of the investor. They come ahead by offering an opportunity to help investors meet their needs by having their trades being carried out by highly-skilled forex traders. They also push forward the idea of profits, since these are individuals who are immensely talented. These so-called highly-skilled traders are nothing but a bunch of individuals who tend to take your money and move ahead in life. These scams need to be avoided at all costs, and one should never blindly fall for the same. Hence make it a point to read terms and conditions before you plan on investing.




Apart from these scams, there are much more actively present in the Forex market. Catered to take away your investments and savings, these individuals will go to extreme lengths to achieve the same. So the importance of being vigilant stands to be a necessity regardless of the market that you are planning on investing. Hence, move forward with a note of caution.


Key Differences Between Forex and Crypto Trading

Forex trading and Crypto trading are two aspects that tend to be required by different sets of people. Individuals who prefer not to go based on trend, leave aside Crypto trading and opt for Forex trading. But one cannot make an informed decision of this calibre without checking into a bunch of points. These particular points look into their key differences and help to paint the right picture. By analysing the same, you will be capable of choosing the platform of your choice. Hence, here are the key differences between Forex and Crypto trading.

Crypto Trading

Basis: Stability & Volatility


  1. Forex Trading- although Forex trading lacks a certain sense of volatility, it brings stability to the table thanks to its broad scope of liquidity. Since it is quite easy to trade any currency for another, such aspects of liquidity can be achieved. All the orders that one makes in this regard will be met in an instant and individuals need not wait for a long time. Thanks to the combination of a high turnover and liquidity, the market also prevents large traders from changing the price of a particular trade.


  1. Crypto Trading- since volatility is visible, trading in Crypto is quite different from trading in Forex. It’s easier to start since there are very few restrictions for that matter. The fees are lesser than Forex, and the lack of middlemen eliminates the occurrence of hidden costs. Due to all these aspects, one can comfortably buy low in the morning and sell high in the evening.


Basis: Security & Regulation


  1. Forex Trading- the terms of security are well placed for Forex trading. These trades carry a specific level of protection, and the involvement of the government makes matters further appealing. In events like fraud or theft, the government steps in and ensures that you get what you need. So by all means, the elements of security tend to float on the right note for Forex trading.

Security & Regulation

  1. Crypto Trading- crypto is a new technology and thus, brings along the disadvantages of the same. Specific organisations and firms are still trying to cope with these aspects and have also met with different kinds of problems. Going by recent events, there have also been reports where individuals have lost some money in this trade due to security. Since it is quite hard to replace such actions due to the Blockchain, one needs to take a careful decision before investing.




The similarity of these platforms lies only for the fact that both of them are electronic forms of trading. Apart from that, they carry their own sets of pros and cons with different sets of ricks. Hence, look into all these points before you invest.

The Various Benefits of Trading in Forex

Forex Trading has been an essential market responsible for bringing out various forms of benefits. Through time, it has managed to attract a considerable number of investors who are keen on exploiting these different forms of advantages. Since most of these benefits also come in place by replacing a certain kind of limitation of another market, investors who are interested in switching need to be promoted to do so. So, if you are either planning on changing or entering, these set of advantages will guide you through the right path.


1. The Aspect of High Liquidity

Liquidity forex trade

Liquidity is a unique aspect that is visible in Forex trade and invisible at the stock market. This particular benefit comes into account due to the kind of operations and the basis of functionality for the trading in Forex. Every day around $5 trillion dollars of currency is being converted by individuals, banks, companies and other players. Since the availability of investment opportunities also tend to go big in numbers, you will be glad about making a decision to invest in the Forex market.


2. Working Hours


Unlike other markets and platforms, the Forex market tends to function 24 hours a day and five days of the week. This tends to push trading from 9 PM on a Sunday and goes up to 10 PM Friday. These long working hours come into the picture since Forex trading takes place between parties directly and over the counter (OTC). Due to all this, one can utilize different trading sessions that take place at this global market. On that note, it is also important to remember that Forex opening hours will vary in March, April, October and November since countries shift to daylight savings on different days of the week.


3. Volatility

form of trading

The price movements of certain currencies at the Forex market have pushed forward the idea of volatility, and the market has managed to achieve the same. This also means that an investor can move ahead to earn huge amounts of profits by speculating the price movements through either direction. But the tone of risks is also heard around this place, and you need to understand the same. Hence, look into risks, learn them and figure out ways to minimize their damage before investing.


4. A Wide Range


The wide range of currency pairs is another aspect that stands to benefit a large group of investors. Since these elements look into the economy of different world’s, you can pick a pair based on the relationship they share. This particular form of trading is highly practised, and over 90 currency pairs that reek high profits are visible in the market. So by all means, investing in the Forex market does bring out a broad set of benefits.


Dividends at the Forex Market

The currency trade has brought forward various kinds of options for individuals. These investors, in turn, go about checking other forms of benefits that may not be visible for the stock market. As this decision to shift towards Forex trading gets formalised, people then begin to look at other sides of the matter. Their quest ends up with dividends as many want to know whether or not you can earn dividends through the Forex market. Since you are adamant about knowing the answer, we do not intend on wasting any time. So go ahead and learn more about the same.

currency trade

The Truth


By looking forward to the real matter, you will realise that one cannot earn dividends through the Forex market. That stands to be a simple no due to its mode of functioning. But the matter does not end there. Although you cannot earn dividends, nothing is stopping you from earning something similar. This is quite visible when you hold a long-term currency investment. By doing so, you tend to earn interest each day of the holding. This particular procedure moves ahead regardless of your overall investment. So by all means, your interest can float like a dividend based on your manner of preference. You can either do that or allow the same to roll over systematically for a period of time.


The Advantages


Not only is the above-mentioned aspect available, but it is also beneficial. These set of benefits come from all corners, and it is essential to take a note of the same. So move ahead and read them.


  1. Opportunities- since you are trading at the Forex market instead of the Stock market, you are more open to various opportunities. You can access the Forex market for a longer period when compared to the NYSE.


  1. Liquidity- the aspect of liquidity can be met on a higher note with the Forex market thanks to the movement of money. For this purpose, individuals in urgent need of the same can make matters meet.


  1. Specific Interest Rates- another aspect of the benefit comes by maintaining particular interest rates that help you to reach an optimal target. This tends to be visible when you borrow from countries with low rates of interest and move on to invest in countries where the rates are considerably higher.


  1. Market Growth- the last 15 years has been a witness to the phenomenal growth of the Forex Market. While the Stock market cripples with volumes from 2001, the Forex market has out forward fresh figures that tend to keep changing. This, in turn, increases the potential to earn profits and investors can be satisfied with this form of success

Choosing Between Forex and Stock Market

The decision to invest in either Forex or Stocks is a personal choice that can be carried forward by an individual. But when it is proceeded without facts, certain aspects tend to head in the wrong direction. On the other hand, when this decision is being influenced by facts, people can make the most out of the matter. Since everyone wants to achieve the best solution, we clearly know what you’re going to be needing. So to help you reach that point, here are certain areas of comparisons between Forex and Stocks.



Forex Market

Forex Market – the Forex Market is decentralized and represents a huge network of participants. These players tend to include central banks, investment banks, commercial companies, and so on. Due to the presence of these players, the Forex market is the largest financial market in the world.


Stock Market – a combined group of buyers and sellers who deal with transactions involving stocks and shares, can be called as a stock market. Their operations are also conducted on stock exchanges, and the investor gets to choose the option that is viable for him/her.




Forex Market – as mentioned earlier, the Forex market moves ahead in terms of size, thereby displaying a huge set of opportunities. Being the largest financial market in the world, it provides a variety of different aspects for you to invest.


Stock Market – the stock market cannot match the Forex market in terms of size, despite being the favoured option. It is transparent but cannot provide a long list of opportunities for investors.




Forex Market – liquidity in the Forex market is highly visible and is also one of the main reasons why people come to invest. Thanks to the movement of funds, the market promises to be liquid and manages to achieve the same. The huge number of participants involved in the process of trading is another reason why this aspect moves ahead to be possible.

movement of funds


Stock Market – in comparison, the stock market might not be as liquid as the Forex market, but it brings some form of liquidity in the short term. The market cannot put forward the benefits of liquidity in the long run.


All That You Need to Know About Forex Bonus

The aspect of bonus is quite common for Forex traders, and they look forward to the same from their brokers. This incentive tends to promote and encourage more number of people to enter the Forex market. With few comparisons rolling between the Forex and Stock market, certain people get convinced about the former. Since that is quite evident, we decided to shed more light on the aspect that everyone wants to know about. Hence, here’s all that one should know about Forex bonus.


The Types


When it comes to these incentives, you must know that there are types. Yes, brokers offer these bonuses based on certain conditions and they come off as different types.


1. Welcome Bonus


The Welcome Bonus is the most common type of bonus offered by different kinds of brokers. This is also visible when you shift between markets since the purpose and meaning are not alien to anyone. For the Forex market, these bonuses last between $200 – $10,000 and are offered as a form of free gift. In case these figures don’t match, you can also witness the rates to a range between 10-100%. Anyone who is new to the Forex market can receive this bonus and get motivated to stick with a particular broker.


2. Loyalty Bonus


The Loyalty Bonus is the second type of bonus that we will be talking about. It is offered to all existing customers as a move to make an additional deposit. They are usually 10% and exceptions can be made in certain situations. These bonuses are always given out, and brokers never forget to do so. Their main aim seems to be the satisfaction of clients and will go to any extent to make that point.

deposit of funds

3. No Deposit Bonus


Among all types of bonuses, the no deposit bonus is the most sought after one. It tends to immensely benefit the customers and help them receive an amount. These are offered to not existing clients in order to open a real trading account without any deposit of funds. Due to all that, people tend to conduct a lot of research to take down the best no deposit bonuses in the market. Traders usually get between $5 – $50 with visible exceptions. Since it also minimises the occurrence of the risk, there are no substantial reasons preventing you from opting for this bonus. Since finding out the best bonuses in town is a time-consuming process, we have done all the research you need in this front. Hence, go ahead and look into some of the best no deposit bonuses available in the Forex market.


What Makes a Good Forex Broker?

The middleman is what we call the brokers, which indeed they are. Regardless of how marred an image you have of them, the job that they do is one of a kind that demands persistence and composure. But things aren’t as easy as that when it comes to selecting one for your needs. You will have to check for all the basic factors that decide the quality of a broker. The whole industry runs on the competitive spirit to outrun the rivals. Just as how the brokerage works in real estate, the industry has applications in various other fields.


One such asset is the cryptocurrency, where you can find brokers in trading platforms. Trusting them would be a hard call for you, undeniably one of the most baffling parts in the whole process of trading cryptos. When it comes to the trading of fiat currency, it would be the Forex brokers who would have gained popularity among the users for reliability and authenticity. But when the skepticism is also imparted to the Forex brokers, the only option you are left with is to look out for the most genuine ones. Here are a few traits that you can find in a good Forex broker.


Filter Process

Finding a broker is not a hard task these days with the results coming up in just one click. Understanding the process is straightforward now, but choosing the broker for your trade is the time-consuming task. You can cut that time short by considering certain factors which will allow you to filter the good brokers from the lot. By looking into the factors, you will have a clear idea of how to judge the brokers. Putting every available broker through the first filter will get you a set of results, which you will have to pass through the second filter to receive the final results. You can rely on these outcomes to be the authentic ones. They are most likely to lead you through the right path of Forex trading. The factors that you need to check for in every broker should be:


1. Regulation

The most important factor to be considered when selecting a Forex trader is regulation. You should always make sure to go for the brokers who have been regulated properly by at least one financial authority. Brokers have to pay a certain amount to be certified reliable for users to enter their platforms. To the trader, this shouldn’t be a concern since it is the genuineness of the broker that matters, for which the broker has to pay. Certain conditions stated by the authorities have to be followed by the broker in order to receive a license.

2. Safety of Funds

safety of funds

This is the factor that you need to apply right after the first filter of brokers. They would claim to keep the funds safe, but you have to look into it by checking through any clues that indicate it. You will have to ask if the broker offers segregated accounts or if the funds come segregated. If that is guaranteed, you can be sure about the broker because they wouldn’t use your funds for financing the business. Whenever the safety of the funds isn’t guaranteed, you should make sure to avoid the broker.


Apart from these two filters, you can also look out for their reputation, trading style, account opening procedures, customer service provided, and the types of account opening offered.

The Best Forex Bonuses for 2020

The search for a Forex broker and other aspects ultimately includes another term, i.e. Forex Bonuses. Due to its long-standing benefits, people are always adamant in getting their hands on some of these bonuses. But since we are talking about the stock market, things tend to get unpredictable. Without a bit of analysis and valuable interpretation, one cannot get an idea about the best Forex Bonuses in town. Since we are done with that part of the work, the next part of this article will give you a brief idea about the best Forex bonuses for the year 2020.

Forex broker

1. GEMFOREX No Deposit Bonus


This 20,000 JPY No Deposit Bonus from GEMFOREX has been sought after by a large group of traders. The simple steps involved in achieving this bonus is another aspect that manages to bring it to the top. Its terms and conditions are quite simple, and every individual is sure to get the hang of the same. Moving further, one must also note that a client can receive this bonus only once, and there are minimal restrictions that help you go further.


2. InstaForex No Deposit Bonus


The InstaForex No Deposit Bonus stands to be a beneficial factor for all individuals who are new to the trading platform. It does not require an investment to help you get started, and you can enjoy bonuses up to $500. The terms tend to pinpoint to accounts that have passed the second-level verification. Apart from that, relevant documents also need to be submitted, if you wish to avail this bonus. Such aspects need to be met within the right manner, and any sort of delay or misinformation will not be treated well.


3. TICKMILL 30 Forex No-Deposit Welcome Bonus


TICKMILL 30 Forex No Deposit Welcome Bonus has been pinned as a risk-free attempt at making some easy money. The offer stands to be valid for new traders with a live account with specific terms and conditions coming into the forefront. By all means, the bonus is not available for clients of Armenia, Macau, Georgia, Israel, Hong Kong, Bulgaria, Pakistan and so on. A claim within 14 days of registration is also necessary to claim the bonus.


4. Just Forex Broker Change Bonus

Just Forex Broker Change Bonus

The JustForex Broker Change Bonus particularly aims at clients of other brokers. For this purpose, you will have to fill out forms proving to be from another broker. Profits for the same are allowed while the bonus is available for over 20 calendar days. The steps to apply are quite simple, and you need to read the terms and conditions before you do anything. Since they are also subject to change, you need to make sure of everything before going ahead.


What are the Risks of Forex Trading?

The market rate of every product is discussed within the business domain, which would keep changing with the shift in the economic climate. Buying and selling of currencies are facilitated all around the world in the foreign exchange market, which is also known as the forex market. Like in any other business, the net profit generated matters the most here as well. But when it comes to the trading on forex, it has an advantage over the stock market, which is the liberty to select a handful of currencies to trade. It is with the highly liquid assets that the Forex trading marks the most significant difference from crypto trading. This also has a central authority controlling the flow of funds, which the cryptos boast of as an advantage. Forwards, currency swaps, spot transactions, and foreign exchange swaps are the several options that the Forex trade consists of. Although the trading such benefits, there are risks within this zone as well.


1. Leverage Risks

Margin is a small initial investment that has to be made in order to leverage in forex trading. This payment will allow you to access many of the trades in foreign currencies. An additional margin has to be paid in case of margin calls, which is a result of small price fluctuations. When this is used by the traders to leverage excessively at the time of volatile conditions in the market, the outcome would be substantial losses.


2. Interest Rate Risks

As many of you might know, interest rates have a direct impact on the exchange rate of a country. With the rise in interest rate, the country’s currency strengthens. In the same way, when the interest rate falls, the value of currency also drops, leading to many of the investors withdrawing their investments. Dramatical changes occur within forex trading when the interest rate affects the exchange rate.


3. Transaction Risks

The time difference between the beginning of a contract and its settlement decides the exchange rate risk called transaction risk. Since the period for which the forex trade occurs is 24 hours, which is rather long enough for the exchange rates to change before trade being settled. With an increase in time differential between the starting and settling of a contract, the transaction risk also rises.


4. Counterparty Risks

This type of risk arises from the dealer or broker end, which is generally called as the counterparty. When a particular transaction is met up with a fault on the dealer’s side, the counterparty risk takes form. The solvency of the market maker might be the reason for the counterparty risk to come into existence while doing spot currency trading. Unfavorable conditions such as the volatile market can put the counterparty in a situation to refuse the adherence to contracts.

Counterparty Risks


5. Country Risk

A fixed exchange rate has to be set by the central banks of every developing and third-world countries which depend on the world leader of currencies such as the US Dollar. Forex trading can be affected by the frequent balance of payment deficits, which is resulted by a currency crisis. So, when planning to invest in a currency, its stability and structure must be assessed prior to putting traction on it.

Can Forex Trading Make You Rich?

Affluence is a benchmark set by many people which others are aiming at striding on to. But to get to that point, you need to put in efforts that count. When making money meets the uncertainty of Forex trading’s potential to rake in numbers, people with such a plan on their mind is likely to fall into a perplexity. The common reply to this question would be “No,” which, indeed, has no definite proofs to support this claim. On the contrary, what people need to understand is the fact that the journey to becoming rich through Forex trading wouldn’t be an easy one. You will be subject to losses on the way up, which you need to be aware of and prepared to face when coming your way.


According to several sources, the information regarding the losses faced by many of the traders stands true. Conclusions suggest that only one out of three traders recovered the loss or hadn’t suffered from any form of losses with trading. These reports were released just after the unexpected depression of the market, which also indicates that there are chances for Forex trading to pose good options to leverage on. Fast profits aren’t something you should be expecting out of this activity, which at many times acts as a double-edged sword which could cut through your existing funds to take you down the hole of bankruptcy.

Potential risks

Potential Risks

Several Forex traders underwent substantial losses when the central bank of Switzerland made a surprising move. The capital of almost three brokerages was wiped out with the losses faced by the retail traders. Such events can leave you in a void state because none of the episodes is predictable, like in the field of cryptocurrency. The volatility of the industry has disseminated all over that such occasional occurrences aren’t the only ones that bring about losses.

Excessive Leverage

Even though the currencies have a volatile nature at times, cases like that of the Swiss bank are not common. Excessive leverage is the biggest risk that retail forex trading poses. Some of the overseas jurisdictions have even shown trends of leverage as high as 200:1. This has caused the clamping down of the retail trading by regulators in many parts of the world.


Risks Dominate Rewards

The biggest issue with forex trading is that the trends are unpredictable, which can potentially take you through misery. Seasoned traders will be well-versed with managing such situations and minimizing losses, but others will follow a different trend. When a small profit is encountered, they tend to invest bigger in the same way, which will lead to greater losses.

Dominate rewards

Defective Platforms and Lack of Information Edge

Although this doesn’t always happen, the platforms that you trade could come across certain breakdowns which could lead to losses by not being able to close a trade. The almost zero knowledge about the information edge, which only the trading bank have access to, will keep you unaware of the current trends, which can lead to drastic fluctuations.

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